WHAT IS A NAKED NAMETAG?: A 'Naked Nametag' is a custom made one-of-a-kind necklace with your name spelled out in front of the necklace.

WHY WOULD I WANT ONE?: Naked Nametags allow you to "Introduce Yourself!" to others at a glance. Therefore they eliminate the need to continually ask people, "I'm sorry what is your name again?", or, "I'm sorry I forgot your name", -- which is what I found myself saying constantly when on vacation and meeting lots of people in a short amount of time. Plus, they look great and are uniquely constructed to withstand the rigor of an active vacation.

ABOUT NAKED NAMETAGS: Every Naked Nametag we design is different than any other so you will never run into another person with the same looking nametag. Each Naked Nametag is made by hand in small batches in Washington State with hemp cord, and quality beads made from glass, ceramic, bone, and metal, and closed with a strong magnetic clasp which facilitates putting your nametag on and taking it off quickly and easily. Each Naked Nametag is packaged in a protective bag for travel and storage.

NAKED NAMETAG GUARANTEE: Every Naked Nametag is satisfaction guaranteed. This means if for any reason you are not happy with the design we will remake it for you to your satisfaction. If for any reason a Naked Nametag ever breaks, for whatever reason, we will repair it for you at no service or parts cost to you. You will be responsible for shipping costs for your Naked Nametag to and from our location.

We have sold and made 100's of Naked Nametags and have earned many satisfied customers.


Used at: Resorts | Cruises | Conventions | Universities | Sporting Events | Parties | Meet and Greet Events | More!

For more information and to order your custom, one of a kind, Naked Nametag contact us at, nakednametags@gmail.com

Naked Nametags --- INTRODUCE YOURSELF!